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One Night Ultimate Origami Wolf

Awwoooo~ The origami wolves are here!

… and unlike Aesop’s shepherd boy, I’m not fibbing. We’ve had this workshop idea since May and are really excited it can come to fruition this Friday, Sept. 13 (DUN DUN DUUUUN!!! o.o). The event lasts from 5-7 PM; drop-in and free, as usual. Since the model is an intermediate traditional (39 steps), I expect a wide range of completion times. Some may need the full two hours, others may get this model done in under thirty minutes. It will also be a somewhat novel folding experience because unlike the ice cream, wizard, and octopus, there is a lot of shaping. We will provide the silver-coloured Kami 6″ foil paper (easy to shape, used in banner above) for everyone to get a less frustrating and more enjoyable experience.

Our room number is SS 1084. ACE kindly once again reserved us this spot for 11/13 of our upcoming Fall semester workshops! Sidney Smith is located at the campus center. You’ll have no trouble finding us.

Q: Uh… so what if I finish way too early? .__.
A: You could fold a second wolf, help out those around you, or even bustle through homework… but why not join us in a few rounds of One Night Ultimate Werewolf? Especially with the 9/20 UTFOLD Fall Elections coming up, it’s better for us to get to know each other beyond the folds. I double-checked the deck. There are sixteen roles, so no one should get left out before ~6:30 PM. Anyone who hasn’t played a round and wants to join in the final few minutes will get participation dibs. Don’t worry about learning the rules before Friday. Compared to most card games, it is on the simple side, and I will explain everything.

Office Hours

This has no direct relationship to the upcoming workshop. It is in a completely different location and at a completely different time. Workshop ≠ office hours, so please don’t get as lost as a lamb! The wolves are hungry…
My office hours are on Fridays from ~3:30-4:30 PM. I usually spend that time choosing paper for the workshop, cutting paper (if necessary), practicing the models again one last time, etc. It’s not especially exciting stuff, but I will be able to give anyone who comes for origami help more 1-on-1 attention. I also don’t mind, and instead quite enjoy it, when people come to play video games, read manga, fold non-workshop models, etc. Christian will also begin holding office hours this year. His are Friday, 12:30-1:30 PM.

Most of the consoles, games, and manga are property of the U of T Anime and Manga Association, the group we share the clubroom with. During UTFOLD hours, feel free to use these items for your leisure. To borrow any particular item, you’ll have to speak to its owner, not me.

Getting there: Sussex Clubhouse (21 Sussex Ave.) Room 532, Toronto, ON, M5S 1J6
If you see a police station sign on the first floor, you are in front of the correct building. Our room is up the elevator, to the fifth floor, and on your left.

Exec Election Approaches

Learn about our available executive positions with this form. They are all CCR-recognized, and they do not require experience in origami. The written response questions are there so that I know what kinds of questions to ask you during the Fall Elections (9/20). I do not decide who wins the elections; majority vote does.

Coordinator positions tend to be more focused, e.g. those who only want to teach origami can be free of paperwork. They don’t get CCR recognition from the school, but they can do as much as if not more than the executives if they are passionate enough. Here is the information on what is and is not available. This process is not a vote, is an application, and will require a brief interview. If you want a new position created, let me know!