FOLD (2019-2020) · Weekly FOLD · Workshop

Renzuru (Connected Cranes)

We would like to thank everyone who came out to vote at the elections. We are also proud of the members for managing to fold as well as they did with limited guidance!

Now as the old adage goes, ‘birds of a feather paper, flock fold together’. Which is exactly the case for this week’s workshop which is all about Renzuru!

‘Renzuru’ (consecutive crane) is a traditional origami technique that joins traditional cranes at their head, wing, and/or tail tips. Model difficulties range from easy to intermediate depending on the number of cranes folded from a single sheet of paper. The careful cutting prep-work associated with Renzuru has been completed by the workshop’s instructor, Jingxiu. Attendees are welcome, however, to design their own patterns. The traditional (singular) crane will be taught as an origami entry-level model, so there should be something for everyone!​