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Lunar New Year Collab With VUSAC

With the help of VUSAC, we are celebrating Lunar New Year on 2/7!
The year change marks a transition from past to now, as is to even better. This can also apply to our folding skills! Jun Maekawa’s 31-step mouse is the perfect model for origami beginners to learn intermediate-level techniques. Eric Joisel’s 45-step rat is a gateway model to advanced origami.

Eileen and Veean will teach these models in the Goldring Student Centre’s music room (150 Charles St W, Toronto, ON M5S 1K9). Please do not get lost!
Attendees will be UTFOLD club members and students from Victoria College. The workshop is free to attend, as usual. Diagrams, paper (kami, biotope), methyl cellulose for wet-folding fans, etc. will be provided.

Follow up: Still having some difficulty finding the room? :3 Keep an eye out for Victoria College’s maps. Goldring Student Centre is building #12. Or you can search up the address 150 Charles St W, Toronto, ON M5S 1K9​. The GSC shares an address with Annesley Hall. Walk a bit west of that entrance. Music Room is second floor!
… and there’s free pizza courtesy of VUSAC!