FOLD (2020-2021) · Social Event

UTFOLD end-of-year collaborations and social! + Winter 2021 Speaker Series


Holiday break is just around the corner! So, let’s end the year in celebration and cheer for a great semester to come! Here are all the upcoming events planned by UTFOLD! 🎁
  On 12/22/20 7-8 PM EST, UTFOLD will teach origami at the Human Factors Interest Group (HFIG) end-of-year party! 
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Maple Leaf 🍁

• Beginner-friendly version by Fumiaki Shingu
• Intermediate version by Susumu Nakajima
• Paper: 8+ cm (3+”) square
• Glue for stem of Fumiaki’s maple leaf
• Instructions: diagram, video

• Easy but time-consuming modular
• Great for tree decor and gifting 🎄
• Paper: 3 or more equally-sized 5+ cm (2+”) squares
• Instructions: video, diagram for unit

Dinosaur 🦕
• Beginner-friendly
• Paper: 8+ cm (3+”) square
• Instructions: video
   On 12/23/20 2-6 PM EST, UTFOLD is hosting a holiday social! We’ve planned a full afternoon of collaborative and competitive drawing for members of the club and U of T community. We will feature, and Broken Picturephone in that order. If there is extra time towards the end, then attendees can vote on Jackbox, Among Us, etc.

    The highest-scoring attendee will be awarded a $5 prize, PayPal or eGift Card of their choice. 💸

    Only interested in one of those activities? No problem! Room links will be posted under #announcements on the UTFOLD Discord server ( We will be using the ‘workshop’ voice channel and #workshop-text for communications. See you there! ❄

Mid-year elections: DoA & DoMC!
    For students interested in executive positions, UTFOLD would benefit from up to two more Directors of Art (DoA) and one Director of Media and Communications (DoMC). The positions are described in the club constitution.

    Please email your campaign materials by 1/2/21 11:59 PM EST. Since competition for the positions is not high, 3-5 sentences should suffice. If you would like to add links to the description or even make a video, then go ahead.

    To keep the elections process democratic, general members will vote through an online ballot.
    One of the coolest aspects of hosting virtual events is that we can collaborate on an international scale. Talented origamists are scattered across the globe, and two of them will teach workshops in January! This SIF-funded workshop series is called Oritalkers. It caters to art-savvy U of T students, but the speakers are also well-versed in business and entrepreneurship. 

    Mark your calendars! 📆
1/9/21 11:00-11:30 AM EST is the workshop with Nicolas Terry.

    Nicolas Terry is the author of 5 origami books and several origami kits. On top of designing 100+ models, he publishes the work of new and renowned folders. On good terms with Robert Lang, Michael G. LaFosse, Shuki Kato, Chen Xiao, Román Díaz, and a plethora of other inventive minds, Terry played a major role in the globalization of origami. He is also co-leader of several origami events such as the Convention for Creator, Eric Joisel Origami Awards, Origami Marathon and the Ultimate Origami Convention. He is the owner of Origami-shop, the world’s largest online vendor of origami paper. As a speaker, Terry would offer unique insight on the business, communication, and materials science aspects of origami.

    We will be meeting in the ‘workshop’ voice channel. Not everyone will finish folding in the span of 30 minutes, so the UTFOLD Execs will stay until 12:30 PM to help answer questions about the final steps.

1/16/21 5:00-5:30 PM EST is the workshop with Jeremy Shafer.

    Jeremy Shafer is an energetic origami YouTuber who designs new models every week. This semester, we folded three of his 500+ models. A prolific artist who values fun in origami, Jeremy can share his creative insights with event attendees.

    Shafer will moderate and start/end the Zoom call. We will migrate to Discord from 5:30-6:30 PM.

Thank you to everyone for supporting UTFOLD and Happy Holidays! 🎉