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Cube Animals ᏊᵕꈊᵕᏊ Folding Workshop!!!!!!!

*Excited Sheep bursts into Sleepy Sheep’s pen at the crack of dawn* Excited Sheep Ꮚ•̀ꈊ•́Ꮚ : Hey, hey, you awake?!? Guess what?Sleepy Sheep Ꮚ-_-Ꮚ : No, I’m tired. Excited Sheep Ꮚ•̀ꈊ•́Ꮚ : There’s gonna be a workshop! We’re gonna be in it!! And Frog and Elephant, too!!!Sleepy Sheep Ꮚ-_-Ꮚ :I could’ve gotten five more minutes… Continue reading Cube Animals ᏊᵕꈊᵕᏊ Folding Workshop!!!!!!!

Social Event

Origami Documentary: Between the Folds; Live Screening

♬(To the tune of the Phineas and Ferb OP)There’s 104 133 days of summer vacation, Then uni comes along just to end it,So the annual problem for our generationis finding a good way to spend it Like maybe… Watching a movie🎥About origamiAnd its beautiful artistry Grab your own popcorn and favorite headphones🍿(The screening will, of course, be for free!)Look there’s a… Continue reading Origami Documentary: Between the Folds; Live Screening