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Spiral Workshop!

0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21…
Do you know what the pattern here is? If so, tell me the next three numbers!
Are you stuck? 🤔

I bet you’ve seen this sequence before, if not it’s the Fibonacci Sequence! Each value is the sum of the previous two numbers, so the next three numbers would be 34, 55, and 89.

The Fibonacci sequence governs the Fibonacci spiral ๑. The Fibonacci spiral appears everywhere in nature: from the unfurling of flowers, to nautilus shells, to hurricanes; it even shows up in the cross-section of cabbage!
Spirals have such a pretty shape, but I wonder if you can replicate it with paper???

I’ve got good news, you can make spirals with origami! In fact, next week, our president, Christian, will be hosting a workshop to teach his favourite models, the Tomoko Fuse spirals!!! 🌀

The workshop will take place 📆Friday, November 19, from ⌚7 – 9 PM (NOTE: this is a different start & end time from our previous workshops!!!) There will be an online AND an in-person section held simultaneously for the workshop. Unfortunately, sign-ups for the in-person workshop have already ended (congratulations to those 14, speedy souls! An email regarding the in-person section will be sent out soon to those participants).

However, we have no limit to the attendees in our online section! No sign-up required! Just connect to the workshop 🔉voice channel in our Discord. ( )

The three models featured at the workshop are all variations of Tomoko Fuse spirals. Instructions will be available in the diagrams text channel.

For ALL three of the models:

  • ✔Difficulty❌: beginner-friendly ✅
  • 📜 Paper requirements📜: Each model will need 2 – 3 sheets of 6 in. (15x15cm) square🟦 paper

Wowwww~ Just look at the banner! (≧◡≦✿)♥