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Winddown Study Session & Executive Voting Form has opened!

When you study, what do you like to listen to? 🎧Classical music? 🎻Pop? 🎤Nothing at all? Or perhaps just random background noise of a cafe or library?☕ Well, if your answer is the last one, andddd you like to fold really simple origami models (or your brain is too burnt out to try understanding harder models), join us at our next workshop!
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Happy Thanksgiving, folders! 🍂

Hope you were able to get at least a bit of rest this long weekend! This week, we’re focusing on traditional origami! Traditional origami refers to origami models that have been around for so long that no one is sure who actually designed them; these models have withstood the test of time! Some of the most well-known traditional models include the crane(which has been around since the 16th century), lily/iris, waterbomb, frog, and so many more! Since we know your midterms are right around the corner, during this workshop, feel free to study for your exams and take a break every now and then by grabbing a simple model to try out. (Folders are always free to work on whatever they want during our workshops so as long they don’t bother other participants, but for this workshop, in particular, there won’t be any tricky models that will take you the entire session to learn!)

The workshop will take place on 📆Friday, October 14, ⌚5:00 PM -6:30 PM (note the later start time), 🧭SS1084 (this room is right next to the room from previous sessions, Sidney Smith Hall, Room 1084). Join us whenever, and just make sure you’ve signed in before you leave. Paper will be provided, and no registration or fee is required. We’re featuring over 20 models this time, including many traditional models, along with other beginner-level models.

As always, we’ll post the instructions in our Discord too (well at least some of the instructions), join our Discord here (https://discord.com/invite/tbRjWCDnJs)

Featured models include (but not limited to): swan, necktie, lily, pencil, penguin, ninja star, elephant
Difficulty: Beginner-friendly ✅✅✅

Hopefully, there’ll be less head-scratching this time when reading the diagrams. Let’s give those burnt-out minds a break.

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The voting period for elections has begun! We have 11 hopeful executive candidates waiting for your vote!🗳 Decide on the next executives now!

Come cast your vote through this form:


The voting form will close by next 📆Friday, Oct 14, at ⌚midnight.

May the odds be ever in your favor🔥

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