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Fold & Paint Evening Escape

Hey, I heard we’re having a collab workshop with the one and only UT Visual Arts Club

Origami AND painting, what’s not to love??

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Hello folders,

This week, UTFOLD is collaborating with the lovely Visual Arts Club (UTVAC) to host an origami painting session!! You will have the opportunity to fold models based on drawings, draw models you’ve folded, or even draw/paint ON your models!!

The workshop will take place 📆Friday, November 4th, 2022 from ⌚4:00 to 6:30 PM in 📍SS1086, Sidney Smith Hall

We have various easy models prepared like butterflies, boats, shirts, and more!

In terms of our intermediate:models we have:

  • 🦉Owl (Nguyen Hung Curong)
  • 🐉Dragon v1 (Jo Nakashima)

The workshop will be free to attend and origami paper (and art supplies) will be provided!

-ˏˋ See you Friday! ˊˎ-

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And look! Isn’t our banner so dreamy? Ashley made it! She’s our other Director of Art!!! We actually have two this year!!!