Weekly FOLD

Oh! Look, there’s a squirrel! (Forest creatures origami workshop)

PSA from your favourite origami club🦺: Please do not feed the local wildlife🐿, instead come learn to fold them instead!

———⊹ꉂ⋛^( ˳⚆ɞ⚆˳)^⋚ꉂ⊹———
Hi folders,

This week, join us for a workshop on neighbourhood forest creatures! The workshop will be happening this 📆Friday, Mar 10 , from ⌚4:30 – 6:30 PM, at 📌SS1086 (Sidney Smith Hall). Paper will be provided, and no registration or fee is required. Join us whenever you can and leave at your leisure!

Featured models:
By AlfredoGiunta

🐿Easy Squirrel
By Jun Maekawa

🐿Hard Squirrel
By Hideo Komatsu

By Kyohei Katsuta