🌸UTFOLD Fall 2022 Elections🍂

Hi folders!🌸 It’s that time of year again, UTFOLD executive elections💮 are happening! UTFOLD needs your help for a bright future! Current Execs are graduating or going on PEY, but the work we’ve done is well-documented in the Drive. With your excitement and UTFOLD’s 15-year-old foundation, new levels of epicness can be reached! To apply… Continue reading 🌸UTFOLD Fall 2022 Elections🍂


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Autumn Origami Workshop! 🍁🦢🍄

Autumn leaves swirl around and cover the land with the colours of a flame. 🍁🍂 There’s no brighter signal than this to show the semester is well underway. Things may start becoming (or already are) stressful, even so, try to take a walk every now and then, and enjoy these beautiful colours while they last.… Continue reading Autumn Origami Workshop! 🍁🦢🍄

Weekly FOLD · Workshop

Origami Workshop: Rabbits 🐰and rabbits🐇 and mooncakes🌙 under the moon

🥮…………..🐇…………🥮…………..🐇…………🥮 Hello, folders!⭐(ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡Welcome back to school to all of our returning members and to all of our new members, welcome to the club!🎉 This announcement includes information about our first workshop, and our origami shop discount so keep scrolling if that interests you! Our first workshop this year was inspired by our VPI’s cravings for… Continue reading Origami Workshop: Rabbits 🐰and rabbits🐇 and mooncakes🌙 under the moon

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Trash Can Workshop! UofT x Global Kitchen

Midterm season is just wrapping up, so chances are you probably filled up pages and pages of paper with scrap work. You should recycle all of that paper♻, but maybe your recycling bin is too far away or maybe it’s already overflowing. Whatever the case, come join us and Global Kitchen and we’ll show you… Continue reading Trash Can Workshop! UofT x Global Kitchen