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Monster Hunter Origami Workshop!

⚔Come forth, brave heroes, and defeat the monsters of the New World! 🐉You look new here, haven’t you heard? The Guild is recruiting Hunters for the Research Commission to investigate the New World! Something about the elder dragons acting strange, I think. Are you interested in joining? …What? You only got the attack power of… Continue reading Monster Hunter Origami Workshop!

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Pringles Man Workshop😋

Poor Mr. Julius Pringles is slowly losing more hair with each logo redesign, maybe it’s the stress of the past 50 or so years getting to him 👴, though the chips seem to taste the same. (Did you know Pringles were invented in 1968???) Regardless, let’s help Mr. Pringles relive his youth by encapsulating him… Continue reading Pringles Man Workshop😋

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Cat Origami Workshop! ^>ܫ< ^

Don’t underestimate cats! 😺They’ve been to space🐱‍🚀, served in the British Royal Army in WWII🐱‍ 🎖, and could absolutely kitty-punch you so hard that you experience short-term amnesia. 🐱‍🤜(see Kayden, AKA Casein Nitrate, in Eleceed)————ฅ^⇀ﻌ↼^ฅ ——————Greetings folders, This week, we’re bringing you another cat-themed workshop that totally isn’t inspired by the awesomeness of Kayden (from… Continue reading Cat Origami Workshop! ^>ܫ< ^

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Sonobe Workshop! ◢◤

Sometimes, we need to remember to keep it simple🔠, so moving on to the next in our series on modular origami, we’re introducing sonobe origami! Unlike our previous modular models, where either exactly 12 or 30 units were needed, sonobe models are far more flexible in terms of the number of identical modules required to… Continue reading Sonobe Workshop! ◢◤

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UofTrees 🌳x UTFOLD💮 x UTERN🍃 – Plant Bookmark Workshop🌱🌸

While most of us in this day and age have gone completely digital with our work, it’s difficult to completely avoid the use of paper. 📰Whether it be your labs requiring physical report submissions, a professor giving handouts of detailed scaled diagrams, or just an old quiz, chances are you have a pile of paper… Continue reading UofTrees 🌳x UTFOLD💮 x UTERN🍃 – Plant Bookmark Workshop🌱🌸