Weekly FOLD · Workshop

Mythological Animals

Belief in mythological animals has long since died down, but we can bring them to life with origami! The Kirin is a dragon-unicorn chimera with East-Asian origin that became associated with the giraffe. On the other hoof, Sleipnir is an 8-legged horse from Norse mythos; it was ridden by Odin and considered the apex of… Continue reading Mythological Animals

Weekly FOLD · Workshop

Halloween Origami

Halloween is nearing and the spirits are getting restless! For the upcoming workshop (Oct. 25), Christian, Anna, and Jocelyn will teach a beginner-intermediate model called Sr. Caveira (designed by João Charrua). An ominous figure fitting for the spooky season. Jingxiu will also teach an advanced model called Yatagarasu, the Three-legged Crow (designed by Satoshi Kamiya).… Continue reading Halloween Origami

Weekly FOLD · Workshop

Origami Spinning Tops

Spin to win in this week’s workshop revolving around Spinning Tops! Designed by Manpei Arai, this intermediate-beginner model is both displayable and functional. Attendees can compete for longest spin time with their tops. The winner will receive a UTFOLD membership card, 15% discount code from Origami-Shop, and a 100-sheet pack of (R/O/Y/G/B) kami paper! Reminders:… Continue reading Origami Spinning Tops

Weekly FOLD · Workshop

Jun Maekawa Origami Workshop

It’s midterms season, so let’s make studying fun with origami~ Jun Maekawa is a mathematician, software engineer, and origami artist. He wrote Genuine Origami, a textbook that delves into model geometry and origami technique. This Friday, Anna will teach five of Maekawa’s models. Fold whatever interests you, but also keep in mind that this is… Continue reading Jun Maekawa Origami Workshop

Weekly FOLD · Workshop

Ninja Stars Workshop

(>ω<)ノ—==ΞΞ✧ Ninjas are always sneaking about, I wonder what they’re up to… Maybe they’ll be drawn to the upcoming workshop about Ninjas! So get ready to practice your folding and throwing skills with Ninja Stars~ This time around, we’re offering a range of models from very easy to intermediate: Ninja Star, Navigator Star, Transforming Ninja… Continue reading Ninja Stars Workshop

Weekly FOLD · Workshop

Renzuru (Connected Cranes)

We would like to thank everyone who came out to vote at the elections. We are also proud of the members for managing to fold as well as they did with limited guidance! Now as the old adage goes, ‘birds of a feather paper, flock fold together’. Which is exactly the case for this week’s workshop… Continue reading Renzuru (Connected Cranes)

Social Event · Weekly FOLD · Workshop

Social Media Logos & Fall Elections

Beep boop, not a bot. Technology has significantly transformed how we, denizens of the 21st century, behave. Crying in agony when phone hits asphalt, cringing at nonsensical memes, starting flame wars… Ah, what a wonderful era. In celebration of our quirky technological culture, this Friday, we have prepared five models related to social media. Yes,… Continue reading Social Media Logos & Fall Elections