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UTAMA-Chan Workshop!

   This week, we are partnering up with the U of T Anime and Manga Association (UTAMA) to fold a model of their adorable mascot, UTAMA-chan! The design is loosely based off a 3D origami doll. This is our final workshop for the semester. Thanks for making it a great year! Enjoy your holiday season, and have… Continue reading UTAMA-Chan Workshop!

Social Event · Weekly FOLD · Workshop

Fall Election and Lucky Stars Origami

    There are six available Exec positions, and here is the form where you can select what you’re running for: We’ll be folding Lucky Stars and cute modular boxes to store them in. They’ll be the easiest thing we fold until the semester ends. Yay! :3  

Social Event · Weekly FOLD · Workshop

Icebreaker Origami

    New members will have the opportunity to show off their talent before the Fall Election! The theme is “fold something that represents you.” Whether that something is a crumpled paper representing a potato or a pristine unfolded sheet, no one will judge you for not having expertise in the art form (we only… Continue reading Icebreaker Origami

Social Event · Weekly FOLD · Workshop

UTFOLD First General Meeting (2018-2019)

    Come join us this Friday for some diverse folding fun! Instructors will be Execs from this year and the one prior. All skill levels are welcome~!! There will be a brief info session about the club as well as one at the end for those interested in the remaining Exec/Coordinator positions.

Social Event · Workshop

Scavenger Hunt Halloween Event

    The Halloween open house is this Thursday in the club house and we’re invited to join! It runs from 4PM-6PM and we’re doing a scavenger hunt as well as Halloween themed folding. For the scavenger hunt, we have 9 models, please indicate which one(s) you could fold and bring to the event. As… Continue reading Scavenger Hunt Halloween Event