🌸UTFOLD Fall 2022 Elections🍂

Hi folders!🌸 It’s that time of year again, UTFOLD executive elections💮 are happening! UTFOLD needs your help for a bright future! Current Execs are graduating or going on PEY, but the work we’ve done is well-documented in the Drive. With your excitement and UTFOLD’s 15-year-old foundation, new levels of epicness can be reached! To apply… Continue reading 🌸UTFOLD Fall 2022 Elections🍂

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🧚‍♀️Fairy Workshop!!!🧚‍♀️

If you happen to come across a group of mushrooms growing conspicuously in a ring on the ground, perhaps in a forest or in your backyard leave it alone.  Don’t touch the mushrooms, don’t gaze at it in curiousity, and, absolutely, do not step into it.  Why? For these rings of mushrooms are also known as fairy… Continue reading 🧚‍♀️Fairy Workshop!!!🧚‍♀️


2017 Fall Coordinator Applications

Apply for a UTFOLD Coordinator position! Coordinators are integral members of UTFOLD who help out with specific operation(s) of the club. Coordinator positions will be assigned by the President and the executive committee after an application process and interview. In addition to the tasks assigned as determined by the specific coordinator position, coordinators are responsible… Continue reading 2017 Fall Coordinator Applications


2016 Fall Elections

Date: Friday September 23rd, 2016 Time 5pm-7pm Location: Sidney Smith Building, room 1086 Want to get involved in running UTFOLD? Why not run for 1st Year Rep, 2nd Year Rep, Treasurer, Art Director or Media Director? All you have to do is read the position descriptions here, complete the application form and then give a 2-minute… Continue reading 2016 Fall Elections


2016 Coordinator Applications are open!

UTFOLD is recruiting for the Summer 2016! If you are looking to get more involved with the operations of the club and be CCR recognized, apply for one of our summer coordinator positions! We welcome and encourage everyone (not limited to past UTFOLD members) who is interested to apply. The positions available are: Art Associate… Continue reading 2016 Coordinator Applications are open!