Online Re-election

First, we apologize again for having to do a re-election. But since this one will be online, it will be a bit more convenient for you guys. Here’s how it will work:

Most positions were not contested this year, so several people won by default. The two positions that are contested will be decided with one poll, since the same people are running for them. Thus you will get one email for the poll, which includes your unique single-use voting URL.


If it’s not in there either, email your choice to

Once you reach the poll, follow the on-screen instructions. FYI, the choices are as follows:

– Carl Ren for Webmaster/Sophia Li for Director of Arts and Design

– Sophia Li for Webmaster/Carl Ren for Director of Arts and Design

The poll will remain open for 48 hours, closing on Monday, April 5th at 5:00 pm

Here are the positions that were by decided by default:

President – Jun Sunny Yin
VP Internal – Rachel Liu
VP External – Eileen Zhao
Treasurer – Srijanany Sanmugalingam

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