Executive Application Form

Edit: Another exec position has been opened!

The angel Carl made at the general meeting. It has a new home on a random subway car!

And if you recognize the angel, you probably went to the general meeting. And if you went to the general meeting, you’ll probably know that there are two executive positions that need to be filled – secretary and paper engineer. If you didn’t go, now you do =).

The application form is here. It includes a brief description of each positions primary responsibilies. Please send the finished form to our email, ut.fold@gmail.com.

But of course, the running of events usually have tasks not specific for any position (for example, carrying supplies from the office to the event), so do not forget that though you might become a secretary (for example), there are also non-secretary things you can help with =).

After we do a poll to collect availability info from everyone, we’ll set a date for our first round of events. That is, the October Monthly Workshop and the Year-Start Elections.

Look forward to it!


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