October Workshop (the Aftermath of)

Thank you everyone for coming to our workshop yesterday night (and to the kind soul who donated a slice of [very yummy] cake).

We folded ghosts:

And bats:

Cats (the easy version):

And if you have a faulty memory and can’t remember anything you’ve folded last night (like me), here are some instructions:

Cat (head)

As a side note, we apologize for the small room and the staff shortage. We will make arrangements to accomodate a larger population next time (so please show up =) ).

Election results have been tallied and will be announced shortly. We look forward to welcoming the new execs into our team.

Unfortunately, we were not able to distribute monthly paper packages for October last night. Please come by our office during office hours to pick them up (and pose with our [very lonely and attention-deprived] paper crane.)


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