Election Results, But…

Sorry for being late! Most of the exec team were busy with midterms… Anyways, allow me to announce the results of the election last Friday. Scroll down, as I open the imaginary envelope.
























Keep going.


































Almost there.




























Fun, isn’t it? Okay. Enough kidding around.

Secretary: Vincent Le
Paper Engineer: Lulu Lu
Events Coordinator: Yan Li

Whoooooo! lol. Congrats, guys =).

“But what about that misleading image at the top?” a curious FOLD member asks.

Well, there was a rare three-way tie among the other three candidates for Secretary, and seeing as how our VPs have been struggling with the workload, we decided to create a new position and hold a tiebreaker.

The position is Director of Logistics. Its duties are similar to the Secretary’s, but less administrative. It’s like the happy medium between Secretary and Events Coordinator, actually, since the number one need for logistics, as the chaos of last Friday proved, are events.

To execute this tie-breaker, we’re going to use an online service (free) at Cornell University. It sends each email signed up to FOLD’s listserv a unique link, with which they can vote (once). Those who haven’t been sent the link cannot vote. If you were here last year, FOLD has used this service for the year-end re-election. Other organizations like Scholarpedia have also used it.

Where is the poll, you ask? We haven’t made it yet, but we thought we’d let you guys know about the plans ASAP, since the website has been getting record-breaking (low though they be) views for the past few days.

Oh yeah, we’ll incorporate the movie choices for the movie night along with the poll for the tiebreaker. A lot of stellar choices, I must say… You guys have taste.


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