Modular Workshop Wrap-up and Election Prelude

Thanks to everyone who came out to the modular origami workshop last week! The cubrick ball we were making has been mostly assembled by our paper engineer. The last piece is the hardest, but it was getting late so it’ll be finished later. FOLD also received a gift pack from member Haruka, an exchange student from Japan. It was an origami book and a package of paper, bought from Japan (it even has the price in yen lol). Thanks Haruka! Some pictures from the event has been uploaded.

The next and final event of the year is the Elections / Scary Movie Night, currently scheduled for Friday, March 25th. Details to be planned.

Throughout the year the exec team has met and gotten to know many members, all of whom they wanted to work with in the future. Being a softhearted bunch, they thought of ways to lessen direct competition in the next election.

What they came up with is to elect for a generic position on the team instead of a specific position. Then, at a later date, decide on the positions according to the strengths and weaknesses of the new team. This way, new applicants won’t be directly competing with current execs, who have more experience, and the duties of each position can be more flexible.

Under this new system, all 10 spots 7 spots (4 execs were elected mid-year, so their terms will expire next year instead, but one is graduating) on the team are open. Though that might change depending on the number of applicants.

The application form is here. Please send it to with the subject “FOLD Election March 2011”.


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