So what happened to those roses?

So you might be wondering: what was the result of all that hard work making the roses in the SS Lobby, in those workshops, and in the office?

Well, first of all, following the lightning sell-out on Valentine’s Day at the revised price of $3, the roses will henceforth be sold for $5. The reason is simple: the record for fastest complete rose made is 38 minutes. So in terms of fundraising, FOLD would have done better stacking burgers at McDonald’s.

(And by the way, from now on FOLD will sell spare roses in the office whenever available. We will also take orders for making roses during the year. Just give us adequate notice.)

But this marks the first time in U of T history where the community got to buy some discounted origami roses, each one hand-made with dedication and love (and craftsmanship, judging by the speed with which they were sold). And FOLD members also got to learn the complete rose for the first time ever.

But just how much did we make? Well, the total revenue was $269. Since the price was $2, that means 134.5 roses. But we also sold about 25 on Valentine’s Day itself for $3, so it should be a little less. Either way, we made and sold over 100 roses. If you came to the rose workshops and made some roses yourself, you should know how significant this is.

So what’s next? The money is in the process of being deposited by our treasurer, and our VP external is in contact with SickKids to determine how they want us to donate it. We’ll keep you guys posted as things develop.

Good job, everyone. =)


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