Election Results


After a successful election, including a dramatic tiebreaker and a surprising neglect of one particular position, the results are finally out.

Last year we experimented with a general exec team structure with task-oriented roles rather than position-oriented roles. The experiment led to the realization that some old positions didn’t do much and others did a lot. Thus the revamped positions this year, which will hopefully be more balanced than before.

Without further ado, we present your executive team for the 2012-2013 school year:

Director of Communications
Sam Doan

Director of Finances
Chesarahmia Dojo Soeandy

Director of Events & Resources Management
Qingda Hu

Vincent Le

Vice-President Internal
Jessica Wong

Vice-President External
Sophia Li

Carl Ren

Director of Media and the 1st and 2nd year reps will be elected fresh early next school year, so if you want to start the year off with more involvement, that may be for you!

We’re also glad to announce that one of the founding executive members and current graduate student, Victoria Vu, has offered to return to the exec team as a Graduate Advisor. She served as the Vice-President Internal during her time with FOLD’s fledgling years. She’ll be helping out the younger exec team if they need it.

Congratulations to all the candidates, and if you’re looking to get involved during the summer, we have several off-campus events planned – please contact us! Or go on the forums (see menu bar).


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