Science Rendezvous Followup

Thanks for coming out to Science Rendezvous. The frogs we were teaching were really popular – they were swarming our tent! We only got a chance to take pics during a period of relative downtime. They’ve been uploaded. Easy Frog: Classic Frog: If you run into trouble folding, come to our forums at


Science Rendezvous 2012

FOLD is participating in the 2012 Science Rendezvous hosted on the U of T St. George Campus.There will be a showcase of cutting edge science and technology. We will be involved in the entertainment aspect of the event, and will host competitions involving origamis. We’ll see which origami frog can jump the farthest, and which… Continue reading Science Rendezvous 2012

Weekly FOLD

Weekly Fold: Squirrel

Squirrel as designed by Michael G. LaFosse, award winning origamist, and the founder the Origamido Studio. He was involved in origami for 40 years, 30 of which involved teaching. His early inspirations came from seashells, and now he’s studying biology of animal and plants in the pursuit of recreating them all in paper. The instruction… Continue reading Weekly Fold: Squirrel