Toronto Western Hospital Origami Project

Thank you everyone who signed up to volunteer for the origami project at Toronto Western! To summarize, we will be folding doves and paper dolls to give to the patients on Valentine’s Day. This is the instructions for the doves we are folding –

If you have signed up, you may pick up origami paper for folding the dove from our office during office hours. After finishing the doves, you may drop off your creations at our office or during one of our future club events. We will be giving out paper for making the paper dolls at a later time.

Volunteers can also log volunteer hours at Toronto Western Hospital. For more information, you may attend a Toronto Western volunteer information session (more info will be available this coming January, we’ll keep you updated.)

If you have not signed up, feel free to contribute! It’s great for stress relief during exam time. Just sign up here.


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