Weekly FOLD

Weekly FOLD – F.O.L.D. Jewelry

Weekly FOLD Jewellery
Folded by Executive of FOLD

Happy Holidays Everyone!! This week’s Weekly FOLD will be dedicated to show off our organization’s new collection of jewelries for the Winter-Spring season. These range from necklaces, earrings  to bracelets and other fanciful decorative objects. If you are interested in buying or helping us making these jewelries, please look out for future updates regarding fundraising events or opportunities for F.O.L.D. As the new year is also rapidly approaching, we thank you all again for being the faithful F.O.L.D. member that you are and we wish you a very happy and blissful New Year!! xD


One thought on “Weekly FOLD – F.O.L.D. Jewelry

  1. Hi UTFOLD! I am from UTTLO(Bo Ai Foundation on Ulife) and I would like to ask if we can exchange links of our websites. We have just created a new website and it would be great if we can add your page as one of the links. Your projects look amazing and there are sure many talented people here 😀 Hope we will have a chance to help each other in the future~

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