Weekly FOLD

Weekly FOLD – Star Geometric Origami Ball

Star Geometric Origami Ball
Created and Folded by Executive of FOLD

Hello Everyone!! I hope you all had an awesome break; and now to celebrate the start of a new term, I have brought you a brand new edition of Weekly FOLD. The origami creation above is entirely created and owned by the F.O.L.D. executive team. If you need instructions on how to fold the Star Geometric Origami Ball, you can either drop into one of our office hours or leave a message below. I sincerely hope you enjoy this project and hope to see many of your faces some time during this coming term!! xD


One thought on “Weekly FOLD – Star Geometric Origami Ball

  1. This star geometric origami ball is stunning! I would love a link to the instructions if they are still available. Thank you!

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