Our Thanks to All Volunteers & Execs For June Activities



This month has been an extremely busy month for FOLD. We hosted our first ever summer workshop of this year and fervently participated in external outreach activities throughout the 4 “Relay For Life” events hosted by the Canadian Cancer Society throughout the Toronto area (Centennial Park, Sunnybrook Park, Morningside Park, and Esther Shiner Stadium). Of course, we could not have accomplished all this without our ever dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers, our passionate executive members, and our tirelessly persevering President who is at the forefront of our cause in enriching the life of others through the dissemination of origami as a form of art. Therefore, we sincerely thank you to all who came out to these events on behalf of FOLD this month!! We really could not have accomplished all this without you guys!!

More photos from this month’s activities can be found under the Photos menu at the top.


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