Upcoming Event: F.O.L.D. Election & Modular Origami Workshop

bannerwhite.jpgEvent: F.O.L.D. Election & Modular Origami Workshop
Date: Friday September 20th, 2013
Time: 5pm-7pm
Room: Sidney Smith Room 2108

F.O.L.D. is finally having its Fall Election 2013 on Friday September 20th, 2013!! We have 5 positions out for contestation during this election: Art Director, Paper Engineer, Treasurer/Director of Finance, 2nd Year Rep, & 1st Year Rep. For more information, please visit under Election 2013 of this website. Deadline to apply to run for the election is Thursday September 19th, 2013 at midnight. We look forward meeting all potential candidates on this coming Friday!

We’re also having another workshop during the same time! We are doing Modular Origami as seen in the picture above. As modular origami is basically a combined product from a bunch of identical origami pieces, we are teaching a short workshop on the individual origami pieces before the election, meaning you should come on time as oppose to be late to accommodate for the election (which will take place after).  We are going to try to make the Angry Bird, the Swan, and more!! See you all on Friday!!


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