Recap: Fall Election & Modular Origami Workshop

Members attentively listening to the election platform of each candidate while folding modular pieces.

Friday September the 20th, 2013 was a big day for F.O.L.D. We held our long awaited Fall 2013 Election, given prizes to the winners of the Origami Raffle, and hosted our modular origami workshop at the same time. First and foremost, we would like to introduce our full executive team of 2013-2014:

Qingda Hu – President

Jessica Wong – Vice-President External

Lucy Yeung – Vice-President Internal

Anthony Zhao – Treasurer/Director of Finance

Susan Cui – Webmaster/Director of Communications

Michael Liu – Secretary

Jiwoan Song – Art Director

Michael Mao – Paper Engineer

Aditya Nair – 2nd Year Rep

Judi Yang – 1st Year Rep

We would like to warmly congratulate all our newly elected executive members! It was a huge pleasure meeting you all and we look forward in working with every one of you on our up-coming and future projects. For those interested club members that want to talk to us/help us during a time other than workshops, please keep a look out for our new office hours this year on the Office Hours section under About Us or Contact Us.

We also given out prizes to the winners of our highly anticipated Origami Raffle during our Friday’s event. The prizes were a list of origami items folded by current execs/members and club T-shirts.

Winners of the Origami Raffle making funny faces at the audience.

During the Friday’s event, we were also making modular origami with our club members. We collected two boxes full of modular pieces!!

Assembling a modular origami piece during the workshop.

Unfortunately, we were not able to finish assembling some of the modular pieces due to time constraint (including the Angry Bird & Swan), but our hard working execs will be assembling them during our office hours and hopefully you will see them as raffle prizes during our next general workshop in October! Until then, we wish you all the best and please check back on our website regularly for updates on our small workshops/events in between now and mid-October and look out for the next monthly listserv!

F.O.L.D. Executive Team


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