Qingda Hu Wins Best Team Player of The Year Award

Award plaque for Outgoing President Qingda Hu

It is with my honour to announce that our forever dedicated Outgoing President Qingda Hu has won the Best Team Player of The Year Award on Wednesday March 26th, 2014 at the ULead Appreciation Night given by Ulife. As the new Incoming President, I am more than ecstatic to congratulate him on behalf of everyone from F.O.L.D. for his new achievement!!

As well, on the same night we exhibited our One Thousand Cranes. For those executives that had tirelessly committed themselves to attending Ulead Workshops for the club this year, they have each received a certification of participation as a thank you from Ulife. Overall, what a great way to finish off our year and can’t wait to start again in the summer!

– From Incoming President Susan Cui


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