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Spring Election and Potluck

   The UTFOLD Spring Election will be held this upcoming Friday! Here’s a reminder that the positions available are President, VP Internal, and VP External. Our Constitution delineates the general responsibilities of each position ( If you are interested in running, all you have to do is be in SS1088 at 5:30 PM with a ~2 min. speech ready to go. You can announce your interest in more than one role. There are open Coordinator positions for enthused origamists who are unable to obtain majority vote, and September’s Fall Election will reopen all other Exec positions. May the best candidate win.

   The model is UTAMA-chan. She’s super close to completion, so let’s give her the finishing touches!

   … and, of course, we have a celebration!!!

   If you signed the Media & Consent Form Christian prepared, be ready for a group photo! It will be retaken until everyone in the picture is satisfied with how it looks. Mwahahahaha~

   For the potluck, 1. you don’t have to bring food to participate 2. if you are buying food for the club, save your receipts so that Brytni can refund you up to 50% 3. we do kind of need more non-sugary options, so it’s not too late to contribute to the table, even on the day of.

Brytni: chips
Tracy: cookies
Veean: cake
Ifrah: samosas
Bisman: chocolate chip muffins
Anna: still thinking