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Halloween Origami

Halloween is nearing and the spirits are getting restless! For the upcoming workshop (Oct. 25), Christian, Anna, and Jocelyn will teach a beginner-intermediate model called Sr. Caveira (designed by João Charrua). An ominous figure fitting for the spooky season.

Jingxiu will also teach an advanced model called Yatagarasu, the Three-legged Crow (designed by Satoshi Kamiya). This model has 154 steps, so we do not expect members to finish within two hours. Members can bring the model to future workshops where Jingxiu will be available for guidance. Remember, precision matters more than speed!

If you can’t make it to our usual Friday workshops, have some fear, for Halloween Open House is here~ On Oct. 30 from 4-6 PM, Jocelyn & Anna will teach Sr. Caveira in Sussex Clubhouse (SC) room 421.