FOLD (2019-2020) · Weekly FOLD · Workshop

Mythological Animals

Belief in mythological animals has long since died down, but we can bring them to life with origami! The Kirin is a dragon-unicorn chimera with East-Asian origin that became associated with the giraffe. On the other hoof, Sleipnir is an 8-legged horse from Norse mythos; it was ridden by Odin and considered the apex of all horses.

Jingxiu will teach the advanced models: Kirin (133 steps, 12 pages) & Sleipnir (177 steps), as well as offer guidance on the Yatagarasu from the previous workshop.

If you enjoyed Clubs Carnival or Clubs Fair, then come to Halloween Open House on Oct. 30 4-6 PM! There will be free treats, a spooky atmosphere, origami to fold, and the opportunity to meet campus groups in their club offices!

While you’re there for the Ulife cupcakes or solid excuse to wear your Halloween costume, drop by SC 421, where Jocelyn & Anna will be teaching how to fold Sr. Caveira. Participants can get Pringles or chocolate.

The UTFOLD/UTAMA office, SC 532, will be occupied by UTAMA during the event hours, but feel free to take a peak at our lovely clubroom if you don’t mind answering an anime trivia question or two!