FOLD (2019-2020) · Weekly FOLD · Workshop

Healing Sounds of Music (HSM) & UTFOLD Present… A Musical Collaboration

This Friday, we are collaborating with Healing Sounds of Music (HSM). The models are the beginner-friendly fourth and eighth notes. It will be possible to fold multiple notes during the session. We’ll draw a staff bar on the board for anyone who wants to contribute, they can temporarily stick their note(s) on, so that we can compose a sweet little tune with HSM members! 

We’ll also provide some basic art supplies for those who want to write notes within the notes! ✎♪ Specifically, the messages within the notes should be happy or funny to cheer up fellow U of T students. You can pass it out to your friends, or we’ll find a way to pass out to random students on campus. Stay warm and have fun folding~!!