FOLD (2019-2020) · Weekly FOLD · Workshop

Origami Dinosaurs

Life uh… finds a way, and this time, it’s through origami! Although these dinos could pack a mean punch, they’d also apparently make for great pets. At 34 steps, you have the Protoceratops designed by Kawahata. Protoceratops are herbivores that om nom nommed on Cretaceous plants with their hook-like beaks and strong jaws. Maybe if they didn’t go extinct, you could ask one to play fetch, since they’re dog-sized. 

Pternodon is a bit like a real-life Charizard. It’s a massive Flying-type reptile that technically isn’t a dinosaur. (It’s a pterosaur!) Despite being a big boi, these animals were quite skittish, often vocalizing distress in the presence of the player. It’s also not classified as dangerous, as it eats only aquatic animals. At 116 steps, however, you may find Kawahata’s version a bit challenging. 

Styracosaurus had a spiky, shielded head that looked like the evolution of Protoceratops once it reached a high enough level. Unless we can get a better scan of Kamiya’s Styracosaurus, only a few copies (~3) will be provided. So, if you really want to push yourself with a 198-step model, good luck; you have our support!

Jingxiu will answer any advanced model questions you have during the workshop period. Feel free to bring and wrap up unfinished models from previous workshops, as our final two workshops for the semester are hectic, fun collabs!

Also, a member requested board games, so let us know if there is a particular one you would enjoy playing after the folding is over.
Let’s fly with dino-soars, and learn to fold them at Friday’s discount Jurassic Park!