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Origami Flexiball with IAAM

All hail modular origami! Finally, after a long semester of traditional models, we can finally sneak my favourite form of origami back into the club spotlight. (╯✧ ∇ ✧)╯

Join us on 12/6 for an exciting collaboration with UofT It’s All About Math (IAAM). We will fold the flexiball, which is a beginner-intermediate difficulty model made out of 60 units. The locking mechanism is strong, so it doesn’t need glue.

Anyone who wants to complete the model will be provided all the paper necessary to do so (tentatively 2.4-inch multicolour Kami). For those who are uninterested in investing 60-units worth of effort, a not-so-flexible version of the model can be made out of 12 units. We’ll also group-fold a few large models with the IAAM members.