FOLD (2019-2020) · Weekly FOLD · Workshop

Origami Insects

Bzzt bzzt. What’s that? Insects are coming back to take over the world! Estimated at around 10 quintillion on Earth, insects are one of the most prevalent lifeforms that have ever existed. The upcoming workshop will be advanced insects which is taught by Jingxiu. Featured models include the leaf insect (71 steps), Asiatic locust (108 steps), and Cyclomattus metallifer aka stag beetle (184 steps). This time we’ll have a variety of papers available such as the 6-inch foil kami, biotape, Nicolas Terry tissue foil, and tissue foil made from Unryu paper.

Some factoids: Leaf insects look undoubtedly life leaves which has help them avoid predators 🍃. Asiatic locusts are a hungry bunch that can devastate crops with their swarms, and stag beetle bites are strong enough cause bleeding!