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Origami Anime Girl

Moe moe… kyun~ (ノ^∇^)ノ゚This Friday, we’re folding Chen Xiao’s 2D anime girls (he is very talented in folding human figures right down to the details in the hair and clothes! You can check out his work here: ). The featured models are kimono (shrine maiden), little girl (schoolgirl), housemaid (maid), and prototype (chibi). This is advanced difficulty (~100 steps) but Club VPE Christian H. will do his best to help all attendees make good progress with the model, so come join us for a cheerful evening of folding!

The turn order idea for getting buttons didn’t work last week. So if you see your name on this list, then just come up and take one!: Raghavan, Max, Tracy B., Adi, Michael O., Sophia, Yingjia, Fenil, Annie T., Jingxiu, Andrew, Cassidy, Sukriti, Jocelyn, Annie G., Harris, David H., Perry, Mat, Madeline, Salvador Cerna, Johnson, Nicholas, Irene, Eileen, Rachel, Anna Lai, Harry, Brian, Ronny, Wendy, Elise, Lawson, Darin. The club buttons will be available and free for all who have met or will meet the active member status (attended 5+ workshops) until 3-Apr.

On that note, 3-Apr is the day of our Spring Election. The positions available include: President, Vice President Internal, and Vice President External. There is no application. It’s a vote by majority and the process will be as equitable as we can make it. Requirements for running:
– Attend U of T
– Have a decent idea of what you are running for (reading the Constitution is enough)
– Prepare or free-style a speech about why you want the position on the day of the elections
– Prepare to be available for at least two hours in the 5-8 PM range for the entire 2020-2021 school year

Elections for all other positions occur in the fall. Anyone who is uninterested in Exec duties and just wants to teach origami is welcome to sign up for Coordinator positions. Summer is usually a good time to finish hospital/library paperwork and practice workshop models, so just let the Prez know what type of role you are interested in for the opportunity to get more involved: