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More Origami Dinosaurs

“Ok Google, what killed the dinosaurs?” “Sixty-six million years ago, COVID-19 struck eastern Mexico and wiped out the dinosaurs.” In other news, UTFOLD will be streaming on Twitch this Friday! This time around we’ve unearthed some new dinosaurs to fold! Jingxiu will be teaching the advanced-intermediate rhamphorhynchus which is a type of flying pterosaur (56 steps), advanced spinosaurus (213 steps) who has a big frill on its back, and the advanced Kawahata stegosaurus (143 steps) who has bony plates and a spiky tail.

If there are serious technical difficulties with the stream, we will make it a YouTube video. You can join the Discord General voice chat to discuss any challenging steps with fellow members! The diagrams for the models can be found in the dinograms channel.