FOLD (2019-2020) · Poll

UTFOLD Elections

Update: this message links to the elections poll. Vote before 4/10!

Elections are coming soon, and they’ll be held in a digital format. Here’s the info:

  • The positions available are President, Vice President Internal, and Vice President External. Where are all the other Exec positions? Well, as in years past, we make them available during the Fall Elections 2020. The first-years deserve a chance too!
  • To run, you must be a U of T student and have a decent idea of what you are running for. We recommend reading the club constitution on our website.
  • Candidates must submit a text blob that explains how they plan to contribute to the club’s events and management. The length does not matter, and links to promotional forms you like (i.e. drawing, video, website, etc.) are highly encouraged add-ons.
  • To balance out the playing ground, all current UTFOLD Execs who want to run for these positions must submit their elections information to by 4/3. The submitted campaign material will be public and unchangeable two days prior to the submission deadline for non-Exec general members, 4/5.
  • No one will be eliminated for whatever campaign material they submit. Majority vote from general members is the sole determiner of victory.
  • Members will vote via a Google Forms shared by email, Facebook, Discord, etc between the period 4/6-4/10. Each U of T community member counts as one vote.