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Shuki Kato Dragon Stream + Winter 2020 Survey

“–and that workshop of the dragons, by the dragons, for the dragons, shall not perish from the earth.”

Dragon ex machina begets the greatest joy for some consumers of fantasy fiction and head-to-wall frustration for others. To eliminate unwelcome surprises, here is our new plan for the dragons collaboration:

• There are five models total, and the diagrams will stay available in the ‘dragrams’ channel of our Discord.
• UTFOLD will be streaming Shuki Kato’s dragon (61 steps) on Twitch this Saturday 3-5 PM.
• Officially, it’s a collaboration with the Psychology Students’ Association. If interest is too low, we’ll extend the invite to Collegiate Origami.
• If there are serious technical difficulties with the stream, we will make it a YouTube video. You can join the Discord General voice chat to discuss any challenging steps with fellow members!
• We have an optimistic workshop schedule for the upcoming school year in which all dragons will be taught in-person come September.

If you have a few minutes to spare, please fill out the UTFOLD Winter 2020 Survey. Your feedback is much appreciated!