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Baby Sea Turtle

Turtles? Turtles!

Next Saturday (7/4) from 2-4 PM EST, we’ll host a Zoom call to fold Neige A.’s origami baby sea turtle (difficulty: intermediate). The link to the video is below if you want to get a head start on the 16×16 grid. It’s a fun model that only requires one square sheet of paper. Recommended: 6″ coloured A4 or double-sided kami We’re also holding this meeting to 1. formally vote on the new constitution draft and 2. test out whether or not a Zoom-video Weekly Fold format works, in preparation for the upcoming semester. If not, streaming is still an option, but it’s best if everyone can fold at their own pace, and it might be easier to ask questions with this format.’s fold together! 🐢