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Origami Wars: Return of the UTFOLD

Rising moons, fellow origamitroopers of the Galactic Empire!
Workshops will resume on the upcoming Monday (9/7/20). The Learn to Fold event is a collaboration with Homebase. It will feature models of varying difficulties to simultaneously expand the origami empire and welcome back returning members.
The relevant diagrams, video links, and printables are now posted in the ’empire’ tab of the UTFOLD Discord ( However, the video chat for folding together and Q&A will take place in the ‘rotations’ voice and text channels of the Homebase Discord starting from 2 PM EST (
What to expect:
1. NASA Starshade: This is a beginner-friendly model that introduces mountain and valley folds. Printing the template in advance is recommended.
2. Gamorrean Guard: This intermediate-level model (has squash, sink, and petal folds). ‘Scale to fit’ (90-94%) the template prior to printing. It can alternatively be folded with 6″ (15 cm) kami paper.
3. Mandalorian Symbol: Due to the sink folds and overall thickness of the finished model, 6″ paper is ideal. This intermediate-level can also be folded with the template (scale 90-94%).
4. Challenge: Kawahata’s Jedi Master Yoda is 81 steps. 6″+ tissue foil works best. Good luck.
If you’re folding a non-space theme model, feel free to join anyways. The more the merrier.
May the force be with you!