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Origami Dragons this Friday!

   This is our second workshop for the semester. It’s held at the usual time: Friday (5-7 PM EST). If attendance is low, then we will send out a poll to see whether or not people prefer folding during the weekends. This ( is the invite link for the UTFOLD server, and the video call will be hosted in the ‘General’ voice channel!
  Additionally, all diagrams for this workshop are already posted under the ‘dragrams’ tab of UTFOLD[er]. Video footage or step-by-step help will be offered in the call by the instructors mmlee, ninjaydes, and Snakebird. We’ll teach from the basics, so don’t be afraid to ask questions or chat. 
What to expect:
1. Easy Dragons: mmlee and ninjaydes will teach simple, traditional dragons such as the one designed by Emilson Nunes dos Santos. If this is your first time folding origami, you’ll learn about mountain/valley folds and square/waterbomb bases. Standard 6″ (15 cm) kami paper is what people would usually use to fold these models, but cutting a few 4+” squares from coloured or printer paper works fine. 
2. Tiny Dragon: Designed by Chen Xiao, the Tiny Dragon is good for those with some prior experience in origami. There are 69 steps, so while it can be completed within the two hours… good luck, have fun? The recommended papers are 24 cm kami, 30 cm tissue-foil, and 23 cm sandwich. If you don’t have any of those, then gift wrap paper very neatly trimmed into a square will suffice. Snakebird practiced this model, so he will be the one who answers questions related to it.
3. “Simple Dragon”: Designed by Shuki Kato, the Simple Dragon is not that simple. 61 steps, same paper recommendations as Tiny Dragon. We streamed the folding process in May. I will finish editing down that stream by Friday to complement the diagram instructions. 
  If you’re folding a non-dragon theme model, feel free to join anyways. The more the merrier.

– Usual time: Fridays, 5-7 PM    
Since workshops will be online at least until January, we have a lot more flexibility with when to host the meetings. 
– Membership: free
– From worst to best to fold with: tissue paper, construction paper, newspaper, old magazines, sticky notes, gift wrap paper, printer paper, aluminum foil, coloured paper (good place to start), printing a pattern onto the printer paper, homemade tissue-foil (tissue paper + aluminum foil + glue) 
If you can keep a physical receipt until April or buy from online vendors that provide a PDF of the financial transaction, then you might consider picking up a ~$10 pack of standard 6″ (15 cm) kami paper. The CPSIF staff greenlighted our idea to reimburse members based on how many workshops they participate in. U of T undergraduates, graduates, staff, and alumni who get their paper during the fall semester and participate in 5+ workshops (order does not matter) will be reimbursed at least $3. Maximally $10 if both funding apps succeed. In short, don’t throw away receipts for origami paper. 
Q: How prepared are UTFOLD instructors?
A: Feel free to take a look at our 2020-2021 teaching schedule drafted in March. 
Q: Will there be on-campus events?
A: Health can co-exist with happiness. Let’s bear through the semester or two of indoor events together. 
Q: What if I want to teach?
A: Any member can teach; it is not restricted to Executives and Coordinators. We are currently not recruiting volunteers for off-campus teaching opportunities. Refer to the below section for more details.

For those who want to get more involved… 
The available executive positions are Vice President External, Director of Finances, Director of Art, Secretary, Webmaster, and Director of Photography. The constitution on the club website describes the basic duties of each, but we will release new detailed descriptions (weird year) after the upcoming workshop.   Candidates, from any year and with any level of expertise in origami, will submit text and/or links to videos, websites, etc. similarly to the Spring Election. In recognition that majority vote sometimes is not kind, anyone who loses in the Fall Election will be offered a related Coordinator position. 

The Fridays (or weekends!) to Come   
As workshops approach, we will send out email reminders. Our website, Discord, Facebook, and other social media accounts feature the information as well.