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Fold Among Us

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。   ゚UTFOLD was not The Imposter.  。 .
  。   1 Imposter remains     ゚
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The Among Us hype train is heading beyond the horizon and into outer space! Let’s chase it down this Saturday (11/14). Our mission timeframe is 3-5 PM EST, and the common task is folding the Among Us crewmate designed by Jeremy Shafer. For paper, please equip a square with side length 15 ± 5 cm. We hold our weekly Emergency Meetings in the ‘workshop’ voice channel of the UTFOLD Discord. Video instructions are in the ‘diagramless-workshops’ text channel. This model is quite beginner-friendly, but please ask questions if you find a step confusing.

The games of Among Us will be held on NA servers, with EU servers as backup. Instructor Fishman Island will provide the room code the day of. He will also adjust the ruleset depending on player skill level to maximize game balance. Crewmates are encouraged to turn their microphones on for productive whodunit discussion, but in-game chat is okay.

Among Us is free in the app store of most mobile devices. For PC users, a mobile emulator such as BlueStacks also works. Some prefer the Steam version, which is pay-to-play but has no ads. Lurking is sus, so keep on folding!