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Dead Games Workshop – Club Penguin, Learn 2 Fly, Fortnite, & Fall Guys

Adobe Flash is a designer-friendly platform for video games and low-cost televised animation. However, HTML5 has fewer security vulnerabilities and supports mobile devices. Join us this Saturday (11/21 3-5 PM EST) to bid Flash a fond farewell, discuss dead games, and fold origames: 

Penguin 🐧
(Club Penguin & Learn 2 Fly)
• Folded by Gary Easy Origami
• Difficulty: beginner
• Paper: 10+ cm square
• Additional supplies: black, yellow, and red pen/pencil/etc.

Llama ༼ (`・ㅅ ・´) ༽
• Folded by The Crafty Man
• Difficulty: intermediate
• Paper: 15+ cm square (video uses 25 cm Tant paper)

Jelly Bean Fall Guys
(Fall Guys)
• Folded by 씨에스타 SiestaOrigami
• Difficulty: intermediate
• Paper: 15+ cm square

All three models have video instructions found under the UTFOLD Discord ‘diagramless-workshops’ text channel. The workshop instructor is Snakebird, and he will answer all of your origami questions. Midway through the workshop, we’ll feature a Flash game called Learn 2 Fly: The Emperor Strikes Back. Use your STEM smarts or trial-and-error to propel a penguin test dummy up into the air, across the sea, and through obstacles.

One final thing: $50 of our club budget this year is specifically for reimbursing members. If you purchased any origami-related supply since September and have a receipt, please DM VP Finance Fishman Island for up to $5 (guaranteed to members who attend at least 3 workshops).