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Oritalkers: Jeremy Shafer

📆 1/16/21 5:00-5:30 PM EST is the second event in the Oritalkers speaker series! It’s a Zoom origami party hosted by Jeremy Shafer.

Jeremy is a professional origamist and entertainer. He designs new models every week, and uploads the instructional videos to YouTube. In the fall semester, we folded three of his 500+ models. A prolific artist who values fun in origami, Jeremy can share his creative insights with event attendees.

In the confirmation email from Jeremy, he mentioned 🍰 and interlocking legos are possible models. Expect something beginner-friendly, and have multiple square sheets of paper ready!

The meeting link is us02web.zoom.us/j/81368981426. 💻

To encourage participation, one random non-Exec attendee will receive a $5 gift via PayPal or a virtual gift card of their choice. 🎁 Be sure to join the UTFOLD Discord server if you want folding aid after 5:30pm, as the UTFOLD Exec Team will be around to answer any questions!

We hope to see you there!