FOLD (2020-2021) · Weekly FOLD · Workshop

Tessellations!! ❀

Hope everyone is having a good start to the semester! One of the models featured at last week’s Oritalkers workshop was a 2D blintz modular. It relied on a strong locking mechanism to form a flower-like pattern. 💮

While modular origami are typically relaxing to fold, some of you may have noticed that it quickly depletes your stock of paper… So, what if we could fold a detailed pattern from a single sheet of paper? (✿・o・)

Tessellations, based on mosaics of the same name, are another popular subclass of origami. From a square or triangle grid, the folder can form a flowery field, starry sky, tumultuous ocean, or even a dangerous stone mask.

This upcoming Saturday, 1/23 3-5 PM EST, we’ll be meeting in the Discord ‘workshop’ channel to learn two beginner-friendly tessellations. Square weave is an introduction to offset square twists, while five-and-four shows the appeal of an incredibly basic square pattern. Relax, be precise, and have fun folding! 🌻