Spring Elections

Hello, the origami club needs your help for a bright future! Current Execs are graduating or going on PEY, but the work we’ve done is well-documented in the Drive. With your excitement and UTFOLD’s 14-yr. foundation, new levels of epicness can be reached!

U of T students can run for: President/Co-president, Vice President External, Vice President Internal, Director of Finances (Treasurer), Director of Art, Secretary, Director of Media and Communications, and Director of Photography.

Please fill out the form by April 30 11:59 PM EST. General members will vote the first week of May. Everyone can get a position within the club; it’s not meant to be competitive. That said, heavy collaboration between ALL executives is the order of the day for any project. Expect similar duties to the ones described in the form. May you make some cheerful/hectic university memories along the way!



The Cacti Origami collaboration is today at 5 PM EST! UofTrees kickstarts the event with an icebreaker and 5 min. sustainability slideshow. UTFOLD then teaches the masu box, flower, cactus, and soil. In post-Earth Day hype, scavenge for scrap paper and join us in Zoom.

Meeting ID: 823 3817 1401
Passcode: cactus


(added on 5/1/2021) Elections form: https://forms.gle/eFaoDXAkgS7d7vq69