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Spring Election Results, Science Rendezvous, and End-of-year UTFOLD Social!! ٩(๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و‎

Thank you to everyone who voted in the Spring Election! Below are the election results:
Name || Position • % vote

Moliza Albanese
Secretary • 93.33%
Director of Media and Communications • 40%

Ryan Chen
Director of Finances • 93.33%

Christian Holandez
President • 100% 💯🌸

Greg Kuznetsov
Vice President External • 66.7%
Director of Art • 66.7%

Jia Zeng
Director of Media and Communications • 93.33%

The bolded positions are now occupied for the 2021-2022 school year! The remaining positions Vice President Internal, Director of Art, and Director of Photography will reopen in September’s Fall Elections.

❀We will be having an end-of-year social soon, so join the UTFOLD Discord and stay tuned for details! 🎮

For anyone bored this weekend, we’re teaching modular origami at U of T’s 2021 Science Rendezvous this Saturday 12:10-1:20 PM EST!🔬📐 Learn how to fold and assemble an origami cuboctahedron, XYZ, or decahedron. This collaboration with the Math Department will also feature a fun tessellations lesson.

SR2021’s full programme:

The Science Rendezvous team organized a few giveaways to students who register through their Eventbrite or social media. Here’s the Zoom room for Geometry in Art: Tessellations and Origami if you simply want to hop in:
ID: 863 3039 9385