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Joker VS Bat: Halloween Workshop!!!🎃

​​The moon looks so pretty tonight!🌕 Hmm? It’s getting closer?? And there’s a tinge of green around it?! It’s a floating face?!!!!? It’s the Joker’s disembodied head!!! Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!。゚゚ (」。≧□≦)」 Do not fear! There’s still hope for this poor soul, here comes Bat—uhhh, it’s just a bat?🦇 Wait, what happened to Batman!?(Answer: the skit’s budget was… Continue reading Joker VS Bat: Halloween Workshop!!!🎃

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A Cat’s New Friend!!! ฅ^⇀ﻌ↼^ฅ

There are a few requirements for a cat’s ideal sanctuary: a large window for basking under the sun ☀ , a bit of peace and quiet, and a nice, cozy cushion. Perfect for napping. 💤But wait, there’s something new on the counter! Something is moving!!! It’s a fish! Oh, new entertainment!!!!ฅ^⇀ﻌ↼^ฅ (Unfortunately, someone is going… Continue reading A Cat’s New Friend!!! ฅ^⇀ﻌ↼^ฅ

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Animal Boxes📦🦋 ≧◉ᴥ◉≦ฅ 🦢

Have you ever felt frustrated when buying furniture? 🪑You just wanted to decorate your lovely new place with a couple of shelves and maybe a desk, but you’re stopped in your tracks by the lavish prices?💰 Well, guess what? There’s nothing we can do to help with that!┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌Sorry, not this week. BUT, don’t worry, don’t… Continue reading Animal Boxes📦🦋 ≧◉ᴥ◉≦ฅ 🦢

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🧚‍♀️Fairy Workshop!!!🧚‍♀️

If you happen to come across a group of mushrooms growing conspicuously in a ring on the ground, perhaps in a forest or in your backyard leave it alone.  Don’t touch the mushrooms, don’t gaze at it in curiousity, and, absolutely, do not step into it.  Why? For these rings of mushrooms are also known as fairy… Continue reading 🧚‍♀️Fairy Workshop!!!🧚‍♀️