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Monster Hunter Origami Workshop!

⚔Come forth, brave heroes, and defeat the monsters of the New World! 🐉
You look new here, haven’t you heard? The Guild is recruiting Hunters for the Research Commission to investigate the New World! Something about the elder dragons acting strange, I think. Are you interested in joining?

What? You only got the attack power of a chicken? Though I’ve heard the chickens in the New World are really fierce— alright, alright, I’m sure we can find some paperwork or something for you then. Probably.


Great news! I’ve found some work that you can do! There’s this research group called UTFOLD, they recently figured out how to capture a monster’s likeness by folding paper! They want help making more paper models to distribute to Hunters, so Hunters can identify monsters faster or something. The models could make great souvenirs too. Anyways, they’re willing to help anyone who’s interested in learning, just attend their workshop this 📆Friday, Feb 11📆, from ⌚5-7 PM⌚. You can get there through the workshop 🔉voice channel in their Discord. Huh? You’ve never heard of their Discord??? Well, you’ll need this then: Best of luc— You still want more information? Well then, I guess I could tell you a little about the four monsters they’re showcasing:

  • 🐲Sitting Nargacuga🦇
    • Designed by: Saku B
    • Difficulty: Beginner-friendly ✅✅✅
    • 📜Paper Requirement: Square🟪, 15×15 cm(6×6 in)

  • 🐉Nargacuga
    • Designed by: Saku B
    • Difficulty: Intermediate 🟨🟨🟨
    • 📜Paper Requirement: Square🟥, 26×26 cm

  • 🦎Brachydios
    • Designed by: Saku B
    • Difficulty: Easy-Intermediate ✅🟨
    • 📜Paper Requirement: Square🟦, 26×26 cm

  • 🐲Zinogre🐺
    • Designed by: Saku B
    • Difficulty: Easy-Intermediate ✅🟨
    • 📜Paper Requirement: Square🟪, 26×26 cm

Instructions will be posted as videos, though I’ve heard the President might have some paper instructions on hand too. Anyways, best luck, brave hero!